We Are Blood – Ty Evans and Paul Rodriguez Video Production Premieres

The time has come that famous director Ty Evans and Paul Rodriguez release their video We Are Blood.  On Saturday August 15, 2015 Ty Evans full-length video seems to be based more along the lines of skateboarding being filmed on high-end cameras and the backsplash that comes along with it.  As we all know, skateboarding is a super difficult sport, if not, one of the most difficult sports both mentally and physically.  With that said, Ty Evan’s cinematography clearly depicts how much effort is put into landing a trick, especially with all of the angles that are covered.


Skateboarding has been a huge influence in my life and has come such a long way in advancing.  Now, I go to a skatepark and there are kids that are shredding doing tricks that I can’t even comprehend, but that’s the beauty about it which makes me super excited to see this film, especially since Paul Rodriguez will be tearing it up.







The premiere tour begins, with stops happening in the cities below:

Thursday, August 20 – New York City
Monday, August 24 – Boston
Tuesday, August 25 – Denver
Wednesday, August 26 – Chicago
Friday, August 28 – Amsterdam
Saturday, August 29 – Munich
Sunday, August 30 – Vienna
Tuesday, September 1 – Portland, Ore.
Wednesday, September 2 – San Francisco
Thursday, September 3 – San Diego
Friday, September 4 – Houston
Saturday, September 5 – Dallas
Thursday, September 10 – São Paulo, Brazil

The Brain Farm- and Green Label Films-produced feature will also hit iTunes, Amazon Instant Play, and other platforms in Ultra HD 4K and HD in mid-August. And if you still yearn for physical media, you’ll be able to buy it on DVD and Blu-ray at Zumiez and elsewhere.

Who’s excited for this film?  I know I am!

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