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WHAT?! Kelly Slater is Retiring?!

Exactly a year and a day ago, Kelly Slater announced his exit from the Quicksilver brand and was not an April Fools joke.  Now, he claims to be retiring from the surfing industry all together.  With his recent dabble into the business world, it seems to make more sense as to his exit strategy;  he’s now majority share holder of Firewire Surfboards, dabbling in the fashion world for Outerknown, collaboration with PBTeen, and has bought the rights to Thai Stix film production company.  It all seems to make sense even though Kelly admitted that his retirement was just an April Fools joke.

Kelly Slater, a professional surfer and 11-time world champion, has help revolutionize the surfing industry.  Through many of his wins in competitions and just his overall personality, Kelly has developed a legacy that will live forever in the surfing.  He has single-handedly inspired an entire generation to ride different boards, which his innovation has been a constant source to the public and his competitors.

Watch this short video of how he portrays his life and vision: love, understanding, and acknowledgement.

“Life is a lot bigger than that thing that you do.”  “It’s important to be who you are and aware on how that affects the world around you and the people around you” – Kelly Slater