WOW! Adam Estrada Shred It Card Video

Since I was a kid, I have always been into action sports and other sports for that matter, especially skateboarding.  The skateboarding community in Bakersfield, CA is like a family where we are all out there cracking jokes and having a good time doing what we love to do: skateboarding.  This powerful community has enabled me to meet some awesome people and also helped anchor some of my best friends.

Being one of those anchor best friends, Adam Estrada and I have been causing havoc in the streets with our skateboards since the 7th grade.  After moving away from all of my friends whom I went to elementary school with, I was left with just my skateboard, a rail, and my passion for the sport.  With that, I was able to meet Adam through a passion that we both shared: skateboarding.  I still remember the board I was bragging about the day we met when I was skating my rail at the church right by Tevis Jr. High.  I had a limited edition mosaic Alien Workshop, and I thought I was the baddest kid around haha.  Though my douchiness didn’t scare him away, it ended up sparking a friendship that still thrives ’til this day.

Our friendship continued to strengthen when Adam and I basically lived at one of the local skate shops / skate parks known as Cenerge.  There, we spent days and nights skating with local legends such as Devine Calloway(chocolate skateboards), Sid Melvin(santa cruz skateboards), Everen Stalion(mystery skateboards), Taku, Eggy King(small beating skateboards), Andy Drennan, and others.  We looked up to these guys and watched their video parts like it was our religion.  The owner of Cenerge, Jason (Charles) Peyton, was like a father figure to both of us;  he allowed and encouraged us to grow not only as skateboarders, but also to grow as people by keeping us aligned in the right direction in life.  Without Jason, I really have no idea where I would be right now; it’s actually pretty scary to think about.  Jason allowed us and skated with us before, during, and even after hours of operation, which aided us to learn more and more.  At one point, we were all so addicted to skateboarding that it may’ve negatively effected his relationship with his awesome wife and family (I was too young and stupid to notice at the time). Jason would take us to skateparks all over California and even to street spots.  We traveled as much as we could, and that’s when skateboarding truly became an obsession for all of us.

That obsession has enabled Adam Estrada to become one of those local legends like the ones mentioned above.  To this day, when people ask who my favorite skateboarder is, my response is my best friend Adam Estrada.  If you watch this guy in person, it’s like watching the Rock giving someone the peoples’ elbow.  Yes, I smell what Adam is cookin’ because it’s some of the best out there right now.  He’s more skilled than a lot of professional skateboarders out there, which makes me try to push him more to follow his dream and become one of those pros.

Bakersfield has birthed some of skateboardings most talented professional skaters and is continuing to produce more and more amazing skaters, but one thing I have personally noticed with some of those skaters is the fact that they lack drive to pursue something that they love and thrive.

Adam is currently skateboarding for a local Bakersfield company known as Inspectrum skateboards, whom have awesome boards (please check out their website), and is looking for other sponsors as well.  With his amazing style, consistency, and effortless technical tricks, there’s no doubt in my mind that this guy will go far if he pushes himself.  He’s been recording a skate part for what seems to be 10 years now, but claims that he is almost ready to release it.  He probably has about 20 minutes of absolutely amazingfootage that’s better than a lot of professional skateboarder’s footage, yet he strives for only the best.  If you knew him in person, you will definitely find out that he’s a perfectionist.  I simply cannot wait for his part to be released because it’s going to blow everyone’s mind and have a huge impact in the skateboarding industry.

Article written by Austin Stout – Instagram @astoogler

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Adam Preppin' at Kernside