WOW.. The Bakersfield Video Is Insane!

If ya’ll didn’t know, Bakersfield is a city located in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California.  Bakersfield is a city that always gets a bad rep for many things, but if you are from there, you learn that it isn’t all that bad as the news depicts it.  Though I don’t live in Bakersfield anymore, I still love the place to death even though there is a layer of pollution at all times.   Nonetheless, Bakersfield has the best skate community that i’ve witnessed, which has birthed a pool of insane skateboarders.

‘The Bakersfield Video’ is proof of the madness that the 661 has created.  Check it out in the video below!

The Line Up:

Dylan Williams

Bryce Hudson

Adam Estrada

Trevor Mccune

Tanner Kitchen

Sam Valdez

and clips of


Matt Keaveny

Everen Stallion

Cameron Felix

Derek Barman

Inspectrum Skateboards

Bako Skate Co

and more! (sorry if i forgot you)

Video Production by Michael Allen

Glad to see my boys holdin’ it down and getting rep’d on theridechannel – ya’ll deserve it!

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